Transforming On-Site Diagnostics with Convenient Portable PCR Systems


Advances in molecular diagnostics have paved the way for the development of portable PCR machines, which are transforming the landscape of point-of-care testing (POCT). These compact, easy-to-use devices are empowering healthcare professionals to conduct rapid, accurate molecular testing outside of traditional laboratory settings.

The Benefits of Sansure’s Portable PCR Machine

The Sansure portable PCR machine is designed to streamline the testing process, providing fast, accurate results in a matter of minutes. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it highly portable, allowing healthcare professionals to bring the lab to the patient, rather than the other way around. Additionally, the device’s user-friendly interface and intuitive operation ensure seamless integration into any clinical setting.

Expanding the Reach of Molecular Diagnostics

The widespread adoption of SLAN real time PCR machines, like the Sansure Portable PCR Machine, has significantly expanded the reach of molecular diagnostics. These innovative devices are enabling healthcare providers to conduct on-site testing for a wide range of infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and other conditions, improving patient outcomes and reducing the time to diagnosis.

iPonatic: Redefining Molecular Workstations

Complementing the advancements in SLAN real time PCR machines, iPonatic has introduced the Portable Molecule Workstation, a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with the Sansure Portable PCR Machine. This innovative platform provides healthcare professionals with a complete, end-to-end molecular testing workflow, streamlining the entire process from sample preparation to result analysis.


The rise of portable PCR machines, exemplified by the Sansure Portable PCR Machine, is changing the field of point-of-care testing. These compact, user-friendly devices are empowering healthcare providers to bring the power of molecular diagnostics directly to patients, improving access to rapid, accurate testing and driving better health outcomes.

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