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If you are a resident of Wales and looking to upgrade your heating system for free, you might be eligible for a Boiler Grant Wales. We are here to help you access the ECO4 Scheme in Wales, a government program that provides free boiler schemes to eligible Welsh residents. These grants are designed to help homeowners, tenants, and landlords improve energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

You can receive free Boiler Funding Wales to replace your old, inefficient boiler and upgrade your home’s heating system. The best part is that applying for this grant is simple with the Free Boiler Scheme. Below, we guide you step by step through the process of applying for the Government Boiler Grant Wales. Let’s dig deeper.

What Is A Free Boiler Grant Wales?

In Wales, boiler grants are offered to help households upgrade their heating systems and increase energy efficiency. The free boiler scheme in Wales can help pay the cost of a new boiler, making it more accessible for low-income households or those receiving certain benefits. The government provides free boiler funding to eligible households in Cardiff or Newport and other regions of Wales.

Find out today if you can get a Boiler Upgrade Wales. Enter your postcode to find out if you qualify-it takes just 60 seconds!

How To Get Free Boiler Grants In Wales?

You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a boiler grant in Wales. These criteria vary depending on the type of schemes that you are applying for:

  • Welsh Government Warm Homes Nest Scheme (Nest)
  • Energy Company Obligation 4 Scheme (ECO4)

Nest Scheme Explained

Nest is a Welsh government scheme designed to assist the most vulnerable households struggling to pay their energy bills and living in homes with unsatisfactory energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings. The Nest initiative covers many energy efficiency improvement solutions, including upgrades to a new, more efficient, and cost-effective boiler.

The most needy households are eligible for £1000s in support, but you must meet certain qualifying criteria and be a full-time resident of Wales.

Nest Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for support through the Nest scheme, you must meet all three of the following criteria:

  • Residency: You must own or privately rent a full-time home in Wales. Social housing managed by a local authority or council does not qualify.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your home must be energy inefficient and costly to heat.
  • Income or Health Condition: You, someone you live with, or a private tenant (if you’re a landlord) must receive a means-tested benefit or have a health condition that could be worsened by living in an energy-inefficient home.

Health Condition Eligibility Criteria

You don’t have to receive a means-tested benefit to qualify for the Nest scheme. If you or someone you live with has a health condition that could be exacerbated by living in an energy-inefficient home, you may still be eligible for assistance.

To meet the health condition criterion, you or someone you live with must:

  • Have a persistent respiratory, circulatory, or mental health issue, such as respiratory infection, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or asthma-related bronchoconstriction.
  • Cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart attacks, and so on.
  • Depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar disorder, dementia, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and so on.
  • Live in a low-income family with poor energy efficiency.

ECO4 Boiler Scheme Explained

ECO4 is another excellent option for those seeking a back boiler removal grant, but you must first meet certain qualifying requirements. It is a UK-wide project designed to assist the most vulnerable households living in the most energy-inefficient homes with the lowest EPC ratings.

The project continues until March 2026 and offers £1000s of assistance with various eco-friendly home improvement measures, including eco funding for energy-efficient boilers to replace outdated, inefficient gas boilers and central heating systems. The Boiler funding Wales comes from the major energy suppliers. Who the UK government requires to contribute to assisting low-income households in reducing their energy usage and total carbon impact, as well as reducing fuel poverty.

ECO4 Eligibility Criteria for Boiler Grant in Wales:

To be eligible for a replacement boiler grant of your old mains gas boiler under ECO4, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in a home with an EPC rating of D to G.
  • You or someone you live with/a tenant receives a qualifying government benefit.

Are There Additional Energy Saving Improvements Available with A Boiler In Wales?

If you are qualified for a free boiler grant in Wrexham and Aberystwyth or elsewhere in Wales, your new boiler installation will be carried out by our certified installer. This will ensure that the boiler is fitted to the highest possible standards and meets all safety regulations. You may also be offered additional energy-saving improvements, such as free insulation or a free central heating grant, to help your home run more efficiently.

How Do I Apply For Boiler Grants In Wales?

If you are a homeowner or private tenant in Wales seeking a boiler grant, follow these five steps to apply.

  • Visit our website to complete the Boiler Grant Wales Application.

Begin the application process at Catch the Opportunity by Apply Now for Free Boiler Replacement!. This portal accepts and processes boiler grant applications from Wales. Remember that it is free to use, and the application form is designed to be simple and quick to complete, allowing you to speed up the process and receive free finance as soon as possible.

  • Complete and submit the application form.

Please complete the application form with all of the necessary information, such as your name, postcode, contact information, property and boiler details, and so on. Be as specific as possible to help the staff evaluate your application, boosting your chances of approval and helping you receive the boiler grant funding.

  • Wait for an approval notification.

Within 24 hours, the Free Boiler Scheme team will call you to inform you whether your back boiler replacement grant application has been accepted. If so, proceed with the remaining steps to update your home’s heating.

  • Schedule a property survey.

Once accepted, you must schedule a property survey. This procedure is both essential and free. A team of inspectors will visit your home to check your boiler and property, determining the sort of heating system and any other upgrades the structure requires.

After the property survey is completed, schedule boiler installation and upgrades. 

  • Set the installation date.

After scheduling the installation, you must wait for the team to return to your property on the agreed-upon date. They will rapidly implement any eligible improvements to replace your boiler and improve your home’s efficiency. Remember that the ECO4 Scheme only works with established, accredited, and reputable Welsh companies to ensure proper implementation.

How Can the Free Boiler Scheme Help You with ECO4 Free Boiler Grants in Wales?

Free Boiler Scheme has years of expertise in installing new boilers and assisting our customers in obtaining eco4 boiler funding in Scotland, Wales, and England. So, check if you’re eligible for a free boiler in Wales with us today (it only takes 60 seconds), and then let the Free Boiler Scheme install the new boiler for you—we truly are a one-stop shop! All you have to do is fill out a form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

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